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001MMG850 with mtd cornpicker, Firestone ed.N-B$175
002JDcounter box for candy tinsoriginal10
003Agwaysemi with van trailer 1/25 scaleN-B25
004IHTranstar semi van, Velveetanew20
005IH4 bott. plow, 1970’sN-B35
006Whiteset of 4 White American tractorsN-B200
007JD140 L&G with implements, PrecisionN-B60
008JD110 L&G with cart, PrecisionN-B60
009JD494 planter, PrecisionN-B70
010FordNylint horse van, semiexec50
011IHB series single axle dumpcustom130
012IHtwo-bott. plow, red rimsexec25
013MH55 tractor, 1992 Toy FarmerN-B35
014JD4 bott. pull-type plowexec45
015IH2504 Ind. tractorN-B2300
016Michigancrane by Nylintexec50
017Tru-Scaletwo-bottom plow, white rimsN-B60
018Cockshutt550 utility tractor by Spec Castnew120
019IHFarmall M, white demo, Prod. Min.exec140
020IHwing disk in blue boxN-B50
021Tru-Scalemower in bubble box, original bubbleN-B130
022M-H44 tractor by Reuhl, box incompleteN-B250
023JD110 L&G tractorN-B90
024JD140 L&G tractorN-B70
025JDL&G cartN-B30
026MGsports car by Doepkeexec220
027Jaguarsports car by Doepkeexec+170
028JD8650 four-wheel drive tractornew70
029Case3294 tractor, shelf modelexec+40
030Case2590 tractor, shelf modelnew50
031Kubotahunting setN-B30
032Kubotaskid steer setN-B20
033Kubotapedal tractor with loaderN-B170
034IH66 pedal tractor, metal seatoriginal275
035IHpedal cartoriginal50
036JD3020 pedal tractorto restore170
037JD3010 pedal tractor, four holeoriginal750
038pres. steelFire Chief pedal caroriginal80
039JD14T baler, metal teeth, late decalexec+50
040JD430 utility tractor, 3 point hitchexec575
041JDhi-post B tractormint-130
042JDtwo-bottom plow, crank liftmint-70
043JD420 crawler with blademint-300
044JDcornpicker, shortnoseexec-60
045JDflarebox wagon, diecast rimsexec+60
046IHloader for 460 or 560exec-35
047MH44 tractor with mtd. cornpickercustom130
048Oliver1850 tractor with mtd. cornpickercustom225
049Oliver77 tractor with mtd. cornpickercustom200
050NH#77 engine baler by Rieckecustom300
051NHbaler by Adv. Prod.exec70
052NHsilver baler by Adv. Prod.exec+190
053NHbale wagon by Adv. Prod.exec+430
054NHbaler by Ertl from late 1960’sN-B170
055Cockshutt580 Super tractorN-B60
056Foxforage wagoncustom140
057Fox3000 forage harvester, two headsN-B175
058Oliver1650 tractor, cab, nfe by C&Mcustom90
059IH966 tractor, black stripe, CEN-B50
060Case600 tractor, Coll. Ed.N-B30
061CaseL tractor, Coll. Ed.N-B25
062IHFarmall 400, later rimsN-B650
063IH856 tractor in bubble box, rareN-B525
064IH966 tractor with white frontsN-B300
065IH1066 tractor with ROPS in blue boxN-B550
066JDTitan II combine, two heads, yellow roofnew45
067JD3020 ROPS, long filter, closed box & insertsN-B500
068JD3020 tractor, open front boxN-B175
069IH66 series pedal tractorto restore275
070JD20 series pedal tractororiginal200
071Steelcraft1930’s Art Deco Scamp wagonoriginal100
0721950’s pedal fire truckoriginal150
073Structo“ride-on” Air Force jeeporiginal250
074Ohio Artmetal barn farm setN-B135
075IHS-series pickup by Prod. Min., plasticexec65
076TonkaJeep tow truck and snow bladeN-B170
077PlasticvilleCountryside Farm Play SetN-b55
078Arctic Catsnowmobile by NormattN-B190
0797 Dairy Milk delivery trucks, plasticexec120
080New Ideapull-type cornpickerexec110
081New Ideapull-type mowerexec35
082MH44 tractor, sandcast by Kingexec+40
083IH1066 with ROPSexec+70
084IH966 fender tractorexec+70
085IH886 tractorexec+65
086IHTD-24 crawler by Prod. Min.exec+110
087FordsonE27N tractor, Chad Valleyexec200
088Ford8N plastic tractorexec95
089MackSmith Miller B-series dump truckexec+225
090JDsmall 60 pedal tractororiginal250
091JDlarge 60 pedal tractororiginal300
092JDpedal cart with fendersoriginal150
093JD10 pedal tractor, three holeoriginal425
094JD10 pedal tractor, four holeoriginal325
095JD20 pedal tractororiginal225
096JD4020 pedal tractororiginal250
097Case1070 pedal tractororiginal450
098IHsmall H pedal pedal tractor, open grilloriginal550
099JD60 tractorexec90
100Whitecabover van truck by Ertlmint-550
101JD3020 nfe, wide diecast rears, bubble boxN-B350
102Whitecabover semi van by Topping, private label exec200
103IHFleetstar semi flatbed truck by Ertlexec160
104Texaco fire truck by Wen MacN-B70
105Logging Truck by All American Toyexec275
106Conveyancer forkliftexec75
107Fordbackhoe-loader by Cragstanexec75
108Lawn Boymetal cabinetoriginal55
109Jacobsen5 quart gas canoriginal50
110Osborne Implement walking stickoriginal40
111DeLavalmetal signoriginal150
112Gravelyneon signoriginal210
113Ariensneon signoriginal225
114PioneerPioneer Dairy Feeds sign framedoriginal175
115IHMcCormick dealer signoriginal375
116MH44 tractor with dozer blade by LincolnN-B1400
117Cockshuttwheel disk by Ertl, crank hitchexec+75
118IHFarmall Regular, steel wheels, by Arcadeexec+425
119IHtwo-bottom plow by Arcadeexec125
120IHFlying Farmall Puller, early red versionN-B525
121A-CBig Ace puller, large wheelsN-B300
122MMMighty Minnie puller, black enginemint-175
123IH7488 2+2 tractor, shelf modelN-B120
124IH6388 2+2 tractor, shelf modelN-B110
125IH3588 2+2 tractor, shelf modelN-B130
126IHCub Cadet 682 L&G tractor, redN-B65
127A-C8030 tractor, Coll. Ed.N-B160
128D-A8030 tractor, Coll. Ed.N-B110
129JDLGT pedal tractororiginal800
130JDclosed flywheel tractor with driverexec60
131OliverSuper 55 tractorexec+350
132Olivertwo-bottom mtd. plow for 55N-B375
133Oliver77 with mounted picker by Slikexec+175
134Olivergravity wagon by Ertl, raremint-300
135Oliverside delivery rakemint-150
136OliverPTO balerexec+130
137Oliverengine balerexec+150
138MH44 tractor by King, rare early slush moldexec175
139MH#15 spreader by Kingexec+75
140MH44 tractor by Lincoln, wood rear rimsexec170
141MHflarebox wagon by Lincolnexec100
142MHClipper pull-type combine by Plymouthexec+200
143MH44 tractor by Reuhlexec+120
144MH3 bottom plow by Reuhlexec+60
145Casesteam engine by Scale Modelsnew120
146CaseL tractor on rubber, shelf modelN-B20
147IH1066 tractor, Five Millionth Coll. Ed.N-B70
148IH544 tractor with loadermint-70
149IH856 tractor, blue boxN-B950
150JD5020 tractor, air intake, open boxN-B210
151JD7520 4WD tractor with air intakeN-B550
152JD3020 tractor, wfe, closed box & insertN-B450
153JD3020 nfe tractor, closed box & insertN-B425
154JD620 tractor, no three pointN-B3100
155JD630 tractor with 3 pt. hitchN-B1050
156Tru-ScaleFarmall M with loader, yellow decalsexec+100
157Tru-Scale2 bott. plow, yellow rimsN-B130
158IHCub tractor, first one, Coll. Ed.N-B35
159IHCub tractor, yellow, Coll. Ed.N-B35
160JD8010 four-wheel drive tractor by TrummN-B400
161JDelevating scraperN-B140
162MFHurricane style semi Parts VanN-B70
163IH4366 4WD tractor with dualsN-B375
164SteigerBarn Series #1N-B425
165SteigerBarn Series #2N-B250
166SteigerPanther 1000N-B100
167Steiger4WD tractor with triplesN-B325
168SteigerCougar PTAN-B200
169SteigerPanther PTAN-B325
170GMCSmith-Miller Freuhauf lowbed semiexec+160
171GMCSmith-Miller lumber semimint-250
172Tonkapickup truckN-B275
173Tonkabackhoe truckmint225
174IHS-series service truckexec625
175IHB-series pickup truck, blueexec+450
176IHB-series pickup, green with IH decalmint-400
177FordNylint farm truckexec+80
178IHTranstar II semi firetruck by ErtlN-B300
179IHTranstar II livestock semi truckexec+40
180pressed steel Russian dump truckexec100
181Transcondouble bottom semi, tinmint-50
182StructoEmergency Patrol truckexec+50
183TowMotorelectric forklift by Urbana, worksexec140
184Fordbackhoe-loader by Cragstan, red underbellyN-B190
185Cat994H wheel loader by Tonkinnew90
186A-CHD-5 crawler with blade by Prod. Minexec-120
187farm truck, tinN-B20
188IHB-series service truck, no racksexec-250
189IHScout, small diecast, blueexec-35
190Tonkaorange Giant bulldozer, earlygood+90
191Tonkawhite Jeep tow truckmint-80
192Tonkaloader/backhoe crawlerN-B60
193TonkaSportsman pickup with boat, great boxN-B525
194TonkaSuburban firetruck pumper, 1957N-B325
195MF8480 4WD tractor, duals, Parts Expo 2004N-B90
196FordFW-60 4WD tractor, PrestigeN-B300
197Ford846 4WD tractor, duals, Parts Mart 1991N-B250
198JD8450 4WD tractor with singlesN-B80
199JD8630 4WD tractor with dualsN-B120
200IH560 tractor, Fast HitchN-B425
201IH544 tractor, wfe, model decal, blue boxN-B250
202IH1206 tractormint-125
203IH560 tractor, nfe, white plastic rimsexec70
204JD3020 tractor, nfe, all diecast rims, 3
205IHTD-25 crawler, top lightsexec-55
206JDexcavator, early black boxN-B110
207JDgrader, brown boxN-B75
208JDbackhoe-loader, brown boxN-B120
209JDwheel loader, brown boxN-B120
210Tru-Scale401 tractor in bubble boxN-B225
211IH806 round fendersexec+120
212IHSuper C by LakoneN-B300
213Cockshutthay mower, detailedcustom100
214pedal tractor, pressed steeloriginal
215pedal trailer, pressed steeloriginal
216truck, pressed steeloriginal
217truck, pressed steeloriginal
218Bolenssnowmobile sign, largeoriginal400
219Tru-Scalegrain drillmint-50
221JD30 series pedal tractor, early version, niceoriginal175
222JDpedal traileroriginal45
223Tractallpedal tractororiginal110
224Cub Cadetpedal tractornew235
225IH560 pedal tractororiginal275
226Ford8000 pedal tractororiginal800
227Midwestpedal tractor, pressed steeloriginal110
228JDloader for 3020, closed boxN-B120
229IH1466 tractor, red boxN-B150
230IH886 tractorN-B110
231IH1086 tractorN-B75
232IH1586 tractor, early version, dualsN-B75
233IH1586 tractor, late version, singlesN-B90
234IH1466 tractor, red cab, Coll. Ed.N-B50
235NHTG-285 tractor Coll. Ed.N-B95
236NHT9060 4WD tractor, Dealer Ed.N-B145
237NH9682 4WD tractor with triples, CEN-B155
238NHTJ 425 4WD tractor with dualsN-B150
239NHTJ 450 4WD tractor with flotation tiresN-B145
240NHTJ 480 4WD tractor duals, Dealer Eds.N-B135
241NHTJ 530 4WD tractor with duals, CEN-B130
242JD8520 4WD tractor with triplesN-B60
243JD8870 4WD tractor with dualsN-B85
244JD8760 4WD tractor with duals, CEN-B95
245JD9320 4WD tractor, Dealer Ed.N-B130
246JDBR tractor on steel, Coll. Ed.N-B20
247JDWaterloo Boy tractor, Coll. Ed.N-B10
248JDModel E engineN-B10
249JD4010 tractor ROPS, Toy Farmer 1993N-B50
250IH966 tractor, black stripe, Coll. Ed.N-B130
Updated 12/5/2021
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